Quarterly VAT filing: €125 (+21% VAT = €151,25) per quarter if we meet in person for a VAT filing or €100 (+21% VAT = €121) if you send us the numbers & invoices by whatsapp or email.
POS machine users (many of our clients are now using Pinmobile for creditcard payments) we will charge €37,50 (+21% VAT = €45,37) extra per quarter to process the POS statements

Income tax filing: €200 (+21% VAT = €242) and in case of an income tax filing in years when houses are sold or bought or divorce or in case of income from abroad, a surcharge will be applicable on the income tax filing.

Additional services are invoiced at:
€85 (+21% VAT = €102,85) per hour for advise, meetings, tax work and help with other issues

We will also be invoicing our time spent on answering emails, whatsapp messages and phonecalls depending on the length and number of emails and calls and messages. We will not charge a single short email, call or whatsapp message, but if we have various calls, email or whatsapp conversations we can charge our time.